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London began to become foggy as early as 18th century, and by the beginning of the 19th century it began to be more pathogenic. In serious times, even if you travel at midday, you need to take a torch to guide your way. By the end of 1952, after another heavy fog in London residents began to feel dyspnea, sharp eyes, asthma, cough and other symptoms, in just a few days caused the British 4000 people suddenly died, a few weeks later, thousands of people died, a total of more than 12,000 people died. This is the famous "London smog event" in British history (the Great Smog).

After the unprecedented air disaster, Londoners finally began to govern, setting up the Beaver Commission in 1953 to investigate the haze and devise a response. In 1956, Britain also enacted the Clean Air Act, Acts, to become the world's first Air Pollution Control Act. With the continued governance of the British London Fog Haze, Brighton's new air has emerged.

Brighton International Group Co., Ltd (Brighton International Group Co., Ltd.) was founded in the southern city of England-Brighton, has been committed to the improvement of home ecological environment, through unremitting efforts to become one of Europe's well-known intelligent home ecosystem manufacturing enterprises.

In 2017, Brighton was officially stationed in mainland China, setting up a Platinum Leiden (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai to become the Asia headquarters of Brighton International Group Ltd.

Brighton Fresh Air has the industry's unique IFD technology, IFD is from the United Kingdom Darwen Company A patented technology, is currently the most advanced, most efficient and most effective dust removal technology. IFD (Intense field dielcetric) refers to the use of dielectric as a carrier of strong electric field. The electrolyte material forms a honeycomb hollow microchannel, the electrolyte coated electrodes form a strong electric field in the channel, which exerts a great attraction on the charged particles moving in the air, and can adsorb almost 100% of the airborne micro-particles while the minimum airflow impedance is produced, especially for the removal of particulate contaminants such as PM2.5.

Brighton Fresh air adhering to the "pay attention to human health, advocating green breathing," the purpose of active exploration in the field of environmental health, successively through the EU CE certification, National CQC certification, ISO9001 Quality Management system, ISO14001 Environmental management system and OHSAS18001 Occupational health and safety Management System three system certification , and by the State authority to detect, committed to manufacturing customer satisfaction, so that the market convincing high standards, zero defect products.

Brighton Fresh Air not only strive to create a fresh indoor atmosphere, but also to eliminate indoor mold, so that you are far from the threat of air pollution, enjoy your wonderful Life!