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Fresh Air Purification

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Fresh Air Purification
Fresh Air Purification

Fresh Air Purifier

  • Brand: New air brand--Brighton new air

  • Model: GSF-800

  • Color Category: White

  • Air Volume: 800m³/h

  • Power: 125W

  • Configuration:Indoor Fresh Air SystemGSF800 control system has two configurations, one is no display frequency through the remote control, the other is the air Beibei through the built-in Internet module, the use of WiFi signals, link clouds, at any time to collect local atmospheric data, and the host, the air Beibei, mobile phone for the trinity of data transmission. Internet app remote third party detection system, parents or teachers can monitor the air quality of students ' space at any time by sharing code, and be intelligent and secure.

  • Air purificationProduct Category:Indoor Air PurificationManager

  • Applicable environment: classroom, living room, office, type meeting room

  • Product Features: Efficient removal of haze, formaldehyde removal, oxygen reduction, hot and cold recovery, energy saving, mute comfort, intelligent control, temperature compensation, timing switch machine