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Fresh Air Brand

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Fresh Air Brand
Fresh Air Brand

New brand-new air of Leiden

  • Brand:Fresh Air Brand--Brighton New air

  • Model: GS-400 (straight hair)

  • Color Category: White

  • Air Volume: 400m³/h

  • Power: 95W

  • Configuration: three-layer filtration, full intelligent indoor and outdoor dual-mode control, two detection values (PM2.5, VOC)

  • Air purificationProduct Category:Indoor Air PurificationManager

  • Applicable environment: bedroom, living room, office, classroom, small meeting room

  • Product Features: Efficient removal of haze, formaldehyde removal, oxygen reduction, hot and cold recovery, energy saving, mute comfort, intelligent control, temperature compensation, timing switch machine

  • Fresh air system which brand is good? Preferred Brighton, many types, fashionable, full-featured, comfortable mute