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The benefits of fresh air at home

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-29

The benefits of fresh air at home

       Domestic Fresh airis an indoor open ventilation and exhaust system. Through filtration, poison, sterilization, oxygen and other technology to make indoor harmful gas out of the room, and then the outdoor fresh air into the indoor, so that people can breathe in the room fresh, clean, high-quality air.

The domestic fresh air system is common with the air purification equipment, it is a can bring the outside fresh atmosphere to introduce indoor, indoor harmful gas excludes outdoor indoor air purification products.

Home fresh air system through the main host will be outside the clean and purified into the bedroom and living room, such as the most need for fresh air, while the indoor dirty air through the layout of the toilet and the corridor exhaust vent to the outdoor, and the dirty air energy recovery, not only provides high quality indoor air, but also save energy, Make sure the air in the room is in a state of circulation.

Domestic fresh air selection of the full DC brushless EC motor Maximum speed of only 18 watts (equivalent to the power of a light bulb), operating power is low, assuming that you are at home 24 hours uninterrupted maximum speed of operation, electricity consumption of only about 18 watts X24 hours = 432 watts (about 0.432 degrees electricity). And through intelligent control 70% of the time at low wind speed operation, more efficient and energy saving.


The domestic fresh air system uses the reverse cross total heat exchange core body, comprehensively recycles the hot and latent heat in the air, the maximum degree retains the heat or the cold quantity in the indoor air, the Low-carbon energy conservation, the constant temperature and humidity.

The domestic fresh air purifier through the machine built-in quality sensor real-time monitoring indoor air formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases, in the introduction of outdoor fresh air at the same time the indoor harmful gas discharged to the outdoor, to dilute the indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gas concentration purposes. Efficient removal of aldehyde to eliminate two times pollution.