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CCTV called it the haze artifact. Fresh Air Purification system Why have you been fired recently?

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

CCTV called it a haze artifact.Fresh Air PurificationWhy is the system recently fired?

       Fresh Air PurificationThe main reason is the current domestic haze, the air quality is poor to the poles of public opinion, the people miserable, China's industrialization process, as well as the former public environmental protection, air quality issues such as the gradual attention, of course, air causes in recent years a variety of diseases in the hundred increase.

About the "Fresh air purification system construction Acceptance Code" and other three Group standard manuscript notice (December 06, 2016), by the Chinese Quality Inspection Association issued, that is, for the new air, purification system of professional national norms of the birth.

The common purifier in the market is usually in a closed environment, its working principle is to the indoor air back and forth, plainly is "eat spit, spit eat" it is easy to understand that because the air is not in circulation, a long time will feel the indoor air oppressed, people feel uncomfortable, And the fresh air system is the absorption of outdoor atmosphere after purification directly discharged in the house, the air at the same time to form a higher than the outside of the micro-positive pressure environment, so that the original indoor air with windows and doors squeezed out, the equivalent of 24 hours with purified non-polluting air, indoor feel ventilated breathable, Ordinary air purifier can not achieve this effect.

Fresh air purification system is not just a machine so simple, it carries the Intelligent Air Service system can automatically detect the air quality and screen use in the home and upload data to the cloud server according to real-time air quality automatic cruise work to ensure that your home air is always in a clean state.

SoFresh Air PurificationSolved the problem of the public's thorny air mist and haze. The improvement of air quality has a comprehensive impact on the human body. Clean, ventilated air is a potential mandatory requirement for all.