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Import Fresh Air Brand

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Import Fresh Air Brand

Fresh indoor Air is the basic requirement of human health, as one of the important ways to improve the indoor fresh air, the new air system in the purchase, design and installation have strict norms, especially the installation of fresh air system.

Fresh air is not a purifier, the most characteristic of the fresh air is "ventilation"--in the premise of not opening the window to ensure the flow of indoor and outdoor air, purification is only auxiliary function, to be said to "purify the air" this feature, the air purifier is obviously more excellent.

But the air purifier can only purify the house viscera Air, cannot restrain the indoor carbon dioxide rise. A confined small room to have 10 mouth eight people, even if the air purifier, we will be more and more chest tightness shortness of breath.

Import NewWind Brand-----Panasonic Fresh Air System

Panasonic Fresh Air System is a well-known brand in Japan, the company's products in the U.S. industry to obtain the first provincial energy products title, and access to the United States environmental agencies, "Power Star" honor, in the world has been trusted and recognized.

Import NewWind Brand-----Bole Fresh Air System

Bole Fresh Air System Germany well-known brands, the product with leading innovative technology and design novel, cost-effective brand, favored by consumers. Rong Deng 2016 fresh air system Top ten brand rankings worthy of the name.

Brighton Fresh Air System