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Fresh air installation is necessary, air conditioning can not replace the fresh air installation

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

Fresh air installation is necessary, air conditioning can not replace the fresh air installation

About the new house,Fresh Air InstallationIs this necessary, in fact, a pseudo proposition, the indoor renovation of the ventilation system has been evolving, from the fan to air conditioning, and now the fresh air system.

The fresh air installation is mainly aimed at air pollution, air quality and smog, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, to create a clean and clean indoor atmosphere.

As people gradually improve the negative impact of the air on health, more and more families decorate the new house directly installed the new house system, because the system is the ceiling stealth to the interior of the new house decoration is really a good time.

Fresh air installation and air-conditioning are different, the function of air-conditioning is more inclined to refrigeration, and the fresh air system is pure ventilation and exhaust air treatment equipment. As people's quality of life requirements have improved, but the air quality has gradually declined, the new air system emerged.

Of course, if it is Xinjiang, Tibet and other cities, the city's living air quality is better, there is no need to consider the new air system, can open the window ventilation, air circulation. Conversely, if the environment is bad, often haze, such as Beijing, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, northeast of these air pollution index often reporting areas, it is best to install the new system, because the outdoor air is not good, still open windows ventilation, will be outdoor pollution into the indoor! Its severity is conceivable.

If the car is a strong young people, whether the installation of fresh air system, based on the economic conditions of the family to consider. However, if the family has the elderly, children, pregnant women, it is best to install the fresh air system, because the elderly, children, pregnant women weak body, air pollution on their impact is relatively large.

Air conditioner, air purifier can replace the fresh air system?

We all know that the new air system with ventilation, air purification effect, then can use air-conditioning or air purifier instead of fresh air system?

First, air-conditioning, air-conditioning is the main function of refrigeration, even with fresh air function of air-conditioning, but also pseudo new air, because the principle of air-conditioning work is internal circulation, can not introduce fresh air outside. followed by the air purifier, its role is to purify the indoor air, can not introduce outdoor fresh air, can only play the role of indoor air sterilization, can not solve the indoor carbon dioxide exceeding the problem, so the fresh air system can not be replaced!

OnFresh Air InstallationThere is no need to install it for everyone to introduce here. You can depend on your living environment and economic conditions to decide whether to install!