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Characteristics and working principle of central fresh air

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Characteristics and working principle of central fresh air

       Central Fresh AirThe main is to provide human health needs of fresh air, not involved in regulating indoor temperature. Into the indoor fresh air temperature is slightly lower than room temperature, sank under the room and surrounded around the human body, and indoor temperature of the dirty air completely separated. All the air supply comes from the outside of the fresh atmosphere, the interior of the return from the unified exhaust duct concentrated discharge to the outside.

Central Fresh Air characteristics

The turbidity air is discharged from every corner of the room; the outdoor fresh air is filtered and fed into the room;

The central air is different from the air-conditioning system, the central fresh air 365 days a year, 24 hours a day continuous ventilation; Central fresh air to improve oxygen content, in addition to odor, discharge formaldehyde; and the central fresh air system Ultra mute fan, does not affect life and sleep.

Central air can be independent of indoor air replacement, purification, flow system, in the elimination of indoor pollution of the air at the same time, the importation of 100% of natural fresh air, and the input of the indoor air through the effect of filtration, sterilization, oxygen, Anti-Virus, preheating and other processing after the entry into the room. Forming indoor fresh air flow field.

The central air creates a healthy indoor environment that keeps the indoor air clean, fresh, and breathing carefree.