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Fresh air purification quality life Begins

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

Fresh Air PurificationThe beginning of quality life

Although the haze has facilitatedFresh Air PurificationDevelopment, many people one-sided view of the new air system is for the haze research and development products. Fresh air purification system as a ventilation and purification equipment, mainly to solve the problem of air circulation in the daily life of the family, to solve the haze can be said to be one of the functions, there are also such as filtration, killing poison, sterilization, oxygen, preheating, wet deodorization function and so on.

      Fresh Air PurificationSystem as a way to improve the quality of human breathing equipment, in most countries in Europe and the United States have been forced to install the government, but the current penetration rate in China is still very low, many users are also on why the installation of fresh air system puzzled.

For a long time, our country to the building indoor space fresh air quantity has certain request and the standard, especially some public constructs the project, for instance, the station ticket hall, the waiting room, the university classroom and so on will consider the fresh air system in the early design. The main function of fresh air purification is to provide the room with fresh atmosphere to dilute the CO2 produced by the chamber.

Fresh air purification function Detail:

Ventilation, suction fresh green oxygen, eliminate the polluted air, so that indoor 24 hours to maintain comfortable and smooth.

Deodorant, the fresh air system can remove haze quickly, excluding a variety of reasons, caused by the unpleasant odor.

Dust, because the outdoor air contains dust. Create gout when dust also into the room, through the fresh air to remove haze system can not open the window to achieve the ventilation function to reduce the frequency of hygiene.

In addition to haze, fresh air in the haze system inside, equipped with Double-layer PM2.5 filter to prevent PM2.5 into the interior.

Adjust the temperature, the summer night with a fan to take away the indoor heat of the indoor cool air replaced in the winter for total heat exchange to reduce indoor temperature loss.

To improve the heating effect, avoid "air conditioning disease" fresh air purification system of haze in accordance with the seasonal changes in temperature regulation air comfort automatic control so that owners do not use air-conditioning can also feel the changes in indoor temperature.

Moisture, the humidity in the room not only from the bathroom body and fuel can also release moisture prone to mildew problem the fresh air system can remove the indoor humidity and make the environment more comfortable.