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Installation and advantages of wall-mounted fresh air system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

Installation and advantages of wall-mounted fresh air system

       Wall-mounted fresh air systemThe main engine air volume is larger, even if the screen level is lower, the effect is guaranteed. But the question is, now on the market, most brands are more or less the problem of false standard air volume, we should pay attention to the current market of wall-mounted fresh air system price disparity is very large, they certainly still have some technical differences in general, wall-mounted fresh air is mainly suitable for the house has been renovated, without cloth pipe, installation

Wall-mounted fresh air system installation, will not be damaged to the original hydroelectric line, wall-mounted fresh air system has different air volume, but most brands have only one mainstream air flow models.

Now most brands of wall-mounted fresh air system with heat recovery function, can be in the winter heating or summer refrigeration time to save your gas or electricity costs

Wall-mounted fresh air system installation space is small, you can switch between internal and external circulation mode, internal circulation is an air purifier, if you are worried about building beams on the hole, that wall-style fresh air may be the best choice

Brighton new wind manufacturers tip: wall hanging fresh air system must choose a large brand manufacturers, installation is convenient, the explanation is fine enough. Selection of professional decoration team, the installation of fresh air system directly affect the future use of the effect. Good wall-hung fresh air system service life is longer, generally can be with the construction of the same life, so in the purchase of fresh Air products can be once in place, direct purchase quality clearance, in line with their own needs of the brand and model.