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Fresh air system which brand is good

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

Fresh air system that brand is good

The national wide haze coming, the application on the market and the emergence of a fresh air system, fresh air system is a new thing, but the serious pollution of haze on the human body, as well as people's demand for air quality gradually improved, conflict serious. But most customers don't know much about the new air system,Fresh air system that brand is goodHow to choose the new air system for your own home?

First of all, the market's fresh air system is electrostatic dust, some physical dust, the choice of physical dust removal effect is better, electrostatic dust will cause two pollution. Late cleanup produces ozone.

Car look at the filter screen selection of composite filter, primary filter, plus activated carbon and H13 grade filter.

In the noise aspects of the first installation of fresh air system should be satisfied can not affect the normal sleep, noise control in 35db better.

Later maintenance of the choice of physical dust removal mode of the fresh air system, the latter need to replace the host filter, the cost should be considered in advance, the car to study the new air system which brand good.

There are installation team fresh air System mainframe is actually a semi-finished product, the effect of the installation directly affect the effect of the late delivery of the wind as a qualified brand of fresh air system, the first brand is definitely registered, if the brand is not registered, talk about what brand?

A regular company official website will be the record, only to enter the CITIC department can query the domain name or the company has no record. Inquire whether the company has a product inspection report, inquire whether the company has a factory, if a product you do not know where the factory, there is no strength, if the brand is a small workshop, the fresh Air system brand quality can you be assured to use it?

       BrightonAir: NET Pavilion all heat exchange Net Pavilion Fresh air uses is the whole heat exchange type Intelligent fresh air system, in addition to the ventilation structure is two-way flow, mechanical air blower ventilation to ensure the indoor air rate, we also have our core technology-graphene modified hydrophilic nano materials, the total heat exchange rate of up to 80%, energy consumption reduced by 20%-40%, and Moistureproof Mildew, modified nano-materials with acid base mold can not be adsorbed, nor need to increase the condensation water treatment device. General fresh air Heat exchanger module used 1-2 years to be replaced, love good fresh air heat exchanger Module service life of up to 10-15 years, in the long run Net pavilion fresh air more cost-effective.