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Classification of fresh air purification system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-28

        Fresh Air PurificationIt is an air purifying system composed of fan, inlet, exhaust outlet and various pipes and joints, installed in the ceiling of the fan through the pipeline and a series of exhaust outlets connected, the fan started, indoor air will be polluted by the exhaust vent out of the outdoor, in the indoor formation of negative pressure, let outdoor fresh air through the inlet into the indoor, and was filtered, poison, Sterilization, oxygen, preheating (winter), so that people in the room to breathe high quality fresh air.


Fresh Air PurificationSystem Features:

Fresh Air PurificationThe system has ventilation, deodorization, dust removal, moisture, regulate room temperature and many other functions, can not open the window under the conditions, for indoor staff 24 hours to provide fresh and healthy fresh air, can avoid air-conditioning disease or heating disease, but also to avoid indoor furniture, clothing and other moldy. In addition to health, fresh air purification system is also very good energy-saving, especially the full heat exchanger, can be recycled indoor dirty air heat or cold, and then transferred to the introduction of fresh air, energy-saving effect is very significant.

Fresh Air PurificationSystem classification:

According to different qualification conditions, fresh air purification system has a variety of classification methods. According to the ventilation power can be divided into natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation two types, according to the scope of ventilation can be divided into comprehensive ventilation, two kinds of local ventilation, according to the flow direction can be divided into send (into), exhaust (smoke) two, according to the purpose of ventilation can be divided into general ventilation, hot air heating, detoxification and dust, accident ventilation, protective ventilation, building smoke six , according to the position of the power can be divided into dynamic centralized type, dynamic distribution two kinds.