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Kindergarten Central Fresh air-kindergarten fresh air system how to configure

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

KindergartenInCentral air-How to configure the fresh air system in kindergartens

Parents who have sent their children to kindergarten know that common phenomenon in kindergartens is the collective cold, collective cough, also said in the kindergarten, the airborne virus is very serious, coupled with the original air quality on the general big city, the impact of haze and so on, and children spend most of the time indoors, So the air quality problem is one of the most difficult diseases in kindergartens.

Children are the flowers of the Motherland, the future of the motherland hope. Children's immune resistance system is very low, and for us the minor disease disaster is very serious for children.

Now the air quality we all know, the air pollution is particularly serious, long-term breathing this air to our harm is enormous. Children stay in the nursery every day, a cold is likely to lead to more than 10 of colds together. The problem of air quality is particularly important in kindergartens

KindergartenCentral Fresh Air-KindergartensHow to configure the Fresh air system:

First of all, we allocate according to demand, different places need different. The fresh air system price is according to the house area size to determine the main engine air volume, the air volume is different, the host price is also different. About every square metre of price.

The fresh air system is divided into positive pressure type, negative pressure type and full heat exchange fresh air system, in which positive pressure type and negative pressure type are comparatively economical. Total heat exchange fresh air system price and the matching of the brand, should be per capita ventilation (30-50 cubic 1h) and at least to meet the indoor volume of the ventilation volume of the model: 150m/h full heat exchange fresh air machine can only be used for about 70 flat; 250m/ H's full heat exchange fresh air machine can be used in about 100 flat, 350m/h full heat exchange fresh air machine can be used in about 150 flat housing.

AboveBrighton Fresh AirThe system factory is to the kindergarten fresh air system configuration aspect Introduction, only for everybody reference.

We should pay attention to keep the children's living environment clean and tidy, especially the air, away from the haze. Clean, clean air is very important for young children. To provide them with a good air environment is the responsibility of every family and social responsibility