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Specification requirements and effects of indoor fresh air system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-30

Specification requirements and effects of indoor fresh air system

       Indoor Fresh Air SystemProfessional strong, the specification strengthens the fresh Air Purification system Construction Unit qualification. Requirements to ensure the construction quality of the project, assume the construction unit of the new air purification system engineering, should have the construction of mechanical and electrical installation Engineering Contract three and above the qualification, labor operations subcontracting should be subcontracted to have the construction Labor Service qualification enterprise.

Indoor Fresh Air SystemThe quality inspection reports for the equipment are more stringent and may involve health sector participation. In the future, the requirements of indoor fresh air system will be higher.

Specification for indoor fresh air system:

The main role of fresh air purification is to purify the indoor air, transmission device is usually wind pipe, in this case, you wind pipe construction is not standard, the connection section is not close, the air leakage quantity big pipe and the pipe segment sealing material does not conform to the standard request and so on will cause the indoor air not to be able to dispose in time, or into the indoor air originally is not , why do we have to set up fresh air purification system?
In order to improve the sealing performance, not allowed from the total duct openings directly to the pipe, should be through lofting or can be some projects through the BIM systematic production of three-or four-pass products, in order to enhance the sealing performance and reduce local resistance.
The strength of the duct should be able to meet 1.5 times times under the pressure of work without deformation, seam without cracking.
Air Leakage Quantity:

Among them: q= wind pipe under the corresponding working pressure, unit area air duct unit time within the allowable leakage rate [m3/(H m2)];p= refers to the working pressure of the duct system (Pa) Actually, duct system, because of its structural structure, leakage is normal, but too much air leakage is your wrong, indicating that your system does not regulate.
If the non-metallic duct is used, the structural composition of the duct (mainly its material containing harmful substances) needs special attention, not because the material of the end system leads to the destruction of the whole fresh air purification system.
For the fresh air purification equipment and construction installation requirements: The relevant State departments of the special inspection reports, equipment in place after the repair space has the corresponding requirements: hoisting, should stay not less than the 500mm*500mm of the maintenance mouth, when the floor is installed, the wall should leave at least 600mm maintenance space.
Fresh air purifier power supply should be independent supply, wiring should be correct, strong, and good grounding. The power cord should be insulated well, not exposed outside, fresh air host should have an independent control device. The remaining stand-alone, system debugging and related acceptance are not listed.