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The importance of fresh air in home and the principle of realization

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-31

The importance of fresh air in home and the principle of realization

       Domestic Fresh airThe system is also called the House of the respiratory, the House also to breathe, which makes us feel fresh. If we put our house in the human body, the house is our skin, and the window is the nose, because the air pollution is serious, our breathing is also beginning to be affected, so we must improve our respiratory system, that is, to maintain a certain amount of respiration, and through filtration systems, the harmful gases filtered into the body, So as to ensure that our life metabolism must be fresh oxygen.

Home Fresh air system is composed of fresh wind ventilator and pipeline accessories set up an independent air-conditioning system, fresh air ventilator will be outside the outdoor gas filtration, purification, through the pipeline to the indoor. At the same time indoor dirty, low oxygen content of the air out of the outside.

The domestic fresh air system not only can continuously for the room to replenish the fresh atmosphere, reduces each kind of benzene, the formaldehyde and so on human health harm, simultaneously avoids the window ventilation to bring the noise pollution and the hot and cold energy consumption, to the building and the human health all has the benefit.

Domestic fresh air system is based on a closed indoor side with special equipment to the indoor air, and then from the other side from the special equipment to the outdoor discharge, in the room will form a "Fresh air flow field" principle, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.

The use of high-pressure head, large flow of small power DC high-speed brushless motor driven centrifugal fan, relying on mechanical strength from one side to the interior of the wind, by the other side with a specially designed exhaust air fan to the outdoor exhaust way forced to form a fresh air flow field in the system. In the air supply at the same time to enter the atmosphere into the room to filter, kill poison, sterilization, increase oxygen, preheat. Exhaust wind through the host and the fresh Air for heat recovery exchange, most of the energy recovery through the fresh air back to the interior. To use a large scope to form a clean space scheme to ensure that the air into the room is clean. In order to achieve the purpose of indoor air purification environment.