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Some specific advantages of wall-mounted fresh air system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-31

Some specific advantages of wall-mounted fresh air system

       Wall-mounted fresh air systemMainly used in families, in contrast to the central fresh air system, although in the air volume is lower than the central fresh air system, but with simple installation, no need to decorate the pipeline, decoration can be installed, not occupy the indoor space, compared with the traditional fresh air system, without laying pipelines, does not affect the existing room large pattern, installation relatively simple

If it is a new decoration stage, the central style of fresh air I think more suitable for some, the overall cost will be cheaper, of course, we have to choose some good fresh air system products, and design construction units to be professional and serious.

Now a new generation of wall-mounted fresh air system or central style fresh air, already has a positive pressure control function, that is to say, the air pressure in the room is slightly higher than the outdoor, so the dirty air outside the window is difficult to blow in, dogs can not enter, there is no need to use the "Guan Mendato" of the air purifier. Note that you can form positive pressure in your home, in addition to the new air machine, but also with the room door and window structure, indoor and outdoor temperature.

      Wall-mounted fresh air systemHeat exchange function Heat exchange is an easily overlooked problem, because we are more concerned about the carcinogenic PM2.5.

1 Heat exchange is an energy-saving object, each of us to reduce some energy waste, summed up the coal can be burned less, but also indirectly reduce the haze of a little strength;

2 has the heat exchange, especially the full heat exchange, the indoor comfort is certainly higher, does not open the window in the summer, also does not have the air-conditioning sickness, the winter sends in the fresh air the warm, this is more responsible for the family member;

3 show Hot exchange of wall-mounted fresh air, the south is cautious to use, because the summer will have condensate water brings a series of problems, more trouble.

Wall-mounted fresh air must be all hot. To distinguish the wall-mounted fresh air is full heat or sensible heat, can see the technical parameters of the factory, if the total heat recovery efficiency and latent heat recovery efficiency of two different indicators, it is full heat; if only a general standard heat exchange efficiency, or the nominal hot switch core is metal material, it is usually only a hot machine.

As the decoration of the house far more than the new decoration, to deal with the environmental problems, the owners of these houses are usually the first step will buy air purifier, and then use a period of time will find that the air purifier can not solve the problem of ventilation, fear of indoor oxygen shortage, carbon dioxide concentration increased, The haze opened the window and ran into the dirty air. So, the second step, many people will start to buy wall-style fresh air products, to further improve the air quality home.

       Brighton Wall Air SystemFor air quality improvement, indoor air improvement, haze treatment, and formaldehyde and other harmful substances are a good choice.