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Why the bedroom most need to install fresh air purification

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-19

Why is the bedroom the most need to install fresh air purification system

Urban living outside the air quality is getting worse, go out to work almost all inseparable from masks, after research shows that indoor air pollution degree than outdoor more serious. More and more people realizeIndoor Fresh air purification systemImportance. In fact, foreign fresh air purification system market, especially in Europe, Japan, the United States and other places have been very mature, in these countries and regions, although the quality of the outdoors is far better than the domestic fog haze, but the prevalence of fresh air system is very high, even laws and regulations mandatory installation!

Today, let's talk about the fresh air purification system.

What is the fresh air purification system?

Fresh air purification system is composed of new air purification host and pipeline accessories, will be outside the fresh atmosphere through filtration, purification, through the pipeline to the indoor set of an independent air treatment system.

The use of high wind pressure, large-flow fan, relying on mechanical strength from one side to the interior of the wind, by the other side with the exhaust fan in the air supply at the same time to enter the room to filter, kill poison, sterilization, increase oxygen, preheat (winter), so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.

Why is the bedroom most need to install fresh air purification system?

People sleep in the bedroom for up to 8 hours a day, people sleep 8 hours without consciousness, and precisely this time the most need oxygen. The continuous access to fresh air in the bedroom is important for the human body to recover from sleep.

Relevant data show that: The human body in the metabolic process, will produce a large number of chemical substances, a total of more than 500 species. If 3 people in the windows and doors closed 10 square meters of room reading, 3 hours after the test will find that the room's carbon dioxide increased by 3 times times, ammonia increased by twice times. So the longer the closed doors and windows, the higher the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide, people's feelings will become increasingly depressed, stifleness.

Most people's sleep habits: close the window close to sleep, bedroom air environment bad

In fact, many urban people have been aware of this problem, but most of the people because of air-conditioning or warm open windows when the energy consumption is too large and have to close the doors and windows, and some because of living in the road on both sides of the window ventilation noise too much dust and have to give up the window ventilation and so

How to solve this problem, neither open the window and have fresh air to enter, to ensure the quality of sleep?

InstallationFresh Air PurificationThe system can solve the above problems, and in the premise of not opening the window, continuous input to the human body sleep needs of fresh air, at the same time, in the wind to block the outdoor dust and noise, to ensure the need for sleep when the quiet, clean environment.