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Top ten brands of fresh air system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-01-31

Top ten brands of fresh air system 

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With the hot air system and people's high demand for the quality of the atmosphere, more and more consumers began to pay attention to, and even began to buy fresh air system, then the need for consumers to the top ten new air system brands and fresh air system price has enough understanding.

In recent years, due to indoor air pollution caused by the continuous occurrence of various respiratory diseases, indoor air pollution has again aroused people's attention, people began to seek solutions. The birth of domestic fresh air system, from the root to solve the indoor air pollution. At present, the new air system in China's development has been more and more consumers, new air system brand is also increasing, the face of many brands of fresh air system, consumers how to choose.

Top ten brands of fresh air system 

Fresh air system of the top ten brands---Panasonic fresh air system Panasonic fresh air system from Guangdong Matsushita Environmental System Co., Ltd., since its inception, and continuously to the world to convey quality ventilation fan. Not only in the Chinese market but also in foreign markets occupy a larger market share. Set up 6 overseas sales positions around the world, according to different needs of countries to more than 50 countries to transport high-quality products.

Fresh air system of the top ten---Austrian new air system Austrian Austrian company was founded in 1997, is a research and development, production and sales of international High-tech enterprises, under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong Austrian Bio-Purifier AG, the United States Austrian Austrian company, Austrian Austrian Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Austrian air Purification System (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Four wholly-owned subsidiary. Its leading products, fresh air system, home gas Purifier series, car Air Purifier series, commercial air Purifier series and other products sold in China, Japan, Korea, Britain, Germany, France, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other 57 countries and regions

The top ten new air system brand---Edis fresh air System 1997, France Edis in Shanghai, China set up a wholly-owned enterprise, is the fresh air and dust-absorbing industry "the only foreign investment enterprises", creating and nurturing the Chinese VMC (Central Fresh Air system) market, the first to bring this health concept into the country, creatively put forward the " The concept of a house that breathes. Products won the CE/NF certification, passed the 3C certification, the "China Ministry of Construction recommended products", "China's Olympic project recommended products" and many other honors, and participate in the national winter warm summer cool standard work.

Fresh air system Ten brands---Brown BLLC Co., Ltd. Global Professional indoor quality management, air energy technology application experts. The brown air system knows how to use fresh air to sustain the breathing needs of people living. Provided by the IAQ and building climate system allows people to live in a healthy, clean living environment, to focus on the long window ventilation, destruction of energy-saving, close the window closed, damaging the health of such a building contradiction. Brown knows how to obtain and apply the vast amount of natural energy in the air---air can (renewable energy) at the same time know how to recycle the energy in the building, the development and production of air can make human life more energy-saving, comfortable and pleasant. In the future, Brown's advanced technology will help mankind realize the dream of Low-carbon life!