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Fresh air purification effectively prevents spring infectious diseases in kindergartens

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-07

Fresh air purification effectively prevents spring infectious diseases in kindergartens

Spring is the kindergarten cold cough transmission of the most serious season, heating and air frequent intersection, temperature difference is larger, a little attention to children prone to colds, cough and other upper respiratory diseases. This is also the case of chickenpox, rubella, mumps and other respiratory infections and hand, foot and mouth disease will gradually enter a high issue. Because of the high density of the population, schools and kindergartens are prone to outbreaks and epidemics of infectious diseases.

Every year this season, the hospital in the children, infected children, the fever is generally high, 38 ℃ more than see more than, lasting longer, 3-4 days without fever or just a fever and relapse.

Why do kindergartens and schools and other places such things happen easily? In fact, and control the spread of disease, has been closely related to air quality issues.

      Fresh Air PurificationThere are like the prevention of Kindergarten Spring Festival infectious disease

Of course, there are many ways to prevent influenza viruses, such as paying more attention to nutritional supplements, increase the intake of water and vitamins, enhance children's immunity; drink plenty of water, let the nasal mucosa to keep moist, can effectively resist the invasion of the virus, but also conducive to the body toxins excretion, purify the body environment; strengthen personal hygiene, pay attention to wash hands, do not use dirty hands touch face, mouth , nose and other parts.

The most important thing is to keep indoor air flow, reduce indoor humidity and dilute indoor contaminants.

For the southern region of spring outdoor air quality is very good, open the window more ventilation is no problem drop. But northern areas such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, even in the spring haze has not completely dispersed, at this time, the window will undoubtedly aggravate the teaching of indoor air pollution, children's respiratory infection is more likely, but not open windows, indoor air humidity, breeding more bacteria, the spring epidemic epidemic prevention is very unfavorable.

To address this fundamental problem, the school classrooms are installedFresh Air PurificationSystem is undoubtedly a kind of strategy. In the future, if the air quality is not effectively governed for a short time. Fresh air purification may be an essential choice for all kindergartens.

       Fresh Air PurificationAs a window can realize indoor and outdoor air circulation, to maintain air drying system, the outdoor air harmful automobile exhaust, PM2.5 particulate matter, dust, such as filtering and purification into the indoor, 24-hour uninterrupted cycle replacement, clean fresh air is also continuously diluted indoor pollutants. At the same time, indoor dirty, oxygen-deficient air will also be discharged with exhaust duct, so send a row between, can let indoor air cleanliness consistent, children breathe healthy air to protect.

For indoor humidity more serious breeding bacteria problem, the general air built-in full heat exchange core physical energy in the fresh air transportation and exhaust output, complete the temperature and humidity exchange, can ensure indoor temperature and humidity is always in the appropriate range. At the same time not because of hot and cold air transport and catch cold, causing colds.

To strengthen the prevention of infectious diseases in spring, the installation of fresh air system can not open the window can ensure indoor air circulation, reduce the breeding of bacteria. The air environment is protected, parents also need to help their children to do personal protection.

Children are the future flowers of the motherland, so that the healthy growth of children is our parents and the responsibility of early childhood educators. Brighton Fresh Air Purification EffectiveTo prevent the spring infectious diseases in kindergartens, we jointly protect children's health.