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The advantages of indoor air purification indoor fresh wind system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-24

The advantages of indoor air purification indoor fresh wind system

The doors and windows of modern buildings are becoming more and more airtight, indoor air is difficult to circulate with the outside world, the time is long the indoor air quality drops seriously. Many decoration materials and furniture distribute harmful substances. When the indoor ventilation is insufficient, the person in this kind of anoxic environment long time life, can cause the headache, the nausea, the human body premature senility, and the heart disease and so on.

Open window ventilation is conducive to speeding up indoor air circulation, promote human health, avoid disease intrusion, and in this era of air pollution, open window ventilation is still applicable?

We use environmental pollution for economic development, outdoor air pollution is more serious, open the window will only introduce countless city noise and dust particles, we desire the natural fresh air has become a luxury. And the reinforced concrete building of high-rise buildings airtight, open air-conditioning, heating room because there is no new wind introduced, at the same time indoor carbon dioxide and other pollution air can not be discharged in time, it is dizzy, chest tightness, fatigue, even caused by skin diseases, rhinitis, asthma and other illnesses, more cigarettes burning, Kitchen fume will produce hundreds of kinds of harmful gases.

Again such a vicious little case, do we have any feeling that the introductionIndoor Fresh Air Systembecome very necessary.

So, how to understand indoor fresh air system?

The introduction of outdoor air supplement indoor is the new air? PassIndoor Fresh Air SystemThe air that feeds into the house is fresh air? In fact, the two are not, without any treatment directly into the indoor "fresh air" for human use is tantamount to breathing the dirty air outside, and installed indoor fresh air system is not guaranteed to send into the house of the atmosphere is fresh. To this, Brighton Small series believe that many people are confused, in the end how to understand the new air? It is understood that many do not filter the configuration of the brand under the banner of fresh air boast their own product function, effect, but the fact that the outdoor dirty air must be filtered through the purification of the indoor oxygen enriched air can be called the new air.

Then, how to introduce fresh air purification?

At present, the United States public buildings per person, hourly fresh air volume of an average of 50 cubic meters, compared with the domestic public construction of the average amount of fresh air is less than half of the European and American countries. Therefore, we need to introduce a clean room, the real fresh air, at the same time, but also to save energy in the room, reduce indoor and outdoor heat exchange, isolation noise, isolate pollution. Nest-Window new air system, it will be outdoor air through the five-heavy filter after high efficiency filter into the indoor, provide fresh air indoors, while indoor dirty air out of the outdoor, to achieve a complete indoor and outdoor air circulation process. Fresh air, free breathing, health and comfort, our desire for indoor life is so simple.

Indoor Fresh Air SystemWhat can you do for your family's health?

At any time to remove the bathroom, kitchen odor and water vapor. You can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening the window. Avoid the "air-conditioning disease" which is widely debated in the society. Prevent the indoor furniture clothing mildew. At any time after the elimination of indoor decoration long-term slow release of harmful gases, to maintain the health necessary, high-quality enough fresh air.