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Related knowledge and precautions of wall-mounted fresh air system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-24

Wall-mounted fresh air systemRelated knowledge and Precautions


1: AWall-mounted fresh air systemCan only meet the ventilation requirements of one to two rooms, usually a family needs to install more than one. has been decorated general choice wall-mounted fresh air system, can also be installed before the decoration.

2: Generally in the bedroom, children's room and study the installation of fresh air system, these areas are our regular activities, but also the most need for fresh air places, to provide a fresh clean oxygen-rich space, so that children learn more efficient, family sleep more comfortable,Wall-mounted fresh airSystemTo install on the outer wall.


    3:Wall-mounted fresh air systemFiltration ability filtration effect is the most concerned, the fresh air system filtering function depends on the machine inside the filter, from outside the air inhaled through the machine inside the filter, to ensure that the air into the room clean and fresh. To judge a fresh air system filtration ability, in fact, is to see the new air system machine with the screen level



4: Hanging Fresh air systemThe difference from the air purifier: wall-mounted fresh air system is a deep purification of the external atmosphere into the interior, to meet the health standards of the air environment, and the air purifier to deal with indoor air, but long time to use air purifiers, indoor air freshness, that is, oxygen content will not be enough, And the fresh air system can solve this problem. To solve the problem of indoor air quality, the two should be complementary and mutually reinforcing.


5: The general fresh air System heat exchanger uses two kinds of material, one kind is the paper, one kind is the aluminum foil core body, the paper quality is easy to deform, metamorphism, mildew breeding bacterium, cannot use for a long time only, easily appears two times pollution, but the aluminum foil core body cost is too high, will increase the fresh air system the price. Many hot-swappable fresh air systems are prone to machine failures due to condensation freezes in cold environments. The northern part of the winter temperature below zero can choose the fresh air system with the intelligent heating system, even in the cold conditions of 零下40度 can be sent to the user set comfortable temperature of the fresh atmosphere will not appear icing phenomenon.

    Brighton Fresh AirNot only to create indoor fresh air environment, but also to eliminate indoor mold, so that you stay away from the threat of air pollution, enjoy your wonderful Life!