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The air pollution is serious to the point of history.

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-14

The air pollution is too serious to the point of history.Central Fresh Air

In recent years, people on the air pollution damage awareness has been improved, PM2.5, formaldehyde, haze and other key words are well-known, the understanding of the angle are more comprehensive, in such a serious pollution of the big city life, air quality has become a major criticism. But we have 80% of the time in our lives indoors, indoor air pollution affects our health at all times. Whether it is caused by the decoration of benzene, formaldehyde, radon and other pollutants, or the life of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke and so on the chronic killer gradually be valued up ....

       Central Fresh AirCan be said to be a transformative breakthrough and solve the problem, today Brighton International Group Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction to the central air:

First of all, what is the central air

Central fresh air system from Northern Europe, its design concept based on quality and energy conservation of the two views, so its use of the experience is excellent. The main components of the central fresh air system are fan, air inlet, exhaust outlet, installed in the ceiling, indoor and outdoor, by a series of pipes and joints connected. When the fan starts, the indoor dirty air will be driven by the fan from the exhaust outlet to the outside, while the outdoor fresh air under the effect of pressure difference will enter from the inlet. After a series of filtration disinfection procedures, these fresh, clean air will be truly exchanged into the room.

Central Fresh air Working principle

The fresh air system consists of a host, a duct, a vent, a window feeder and other accessories. When the host is running, the foul air passes through the vent, exhaust duct to outdoor, outdoor fresh air from the window to introduce, in the host formed by the pressure field, to indoor activity area to meet the needs of personnel activities; The Airflow organization is scientific and reasonable, continuous low air flow design, low noise and low energy consumption, and ensure the best air quality.

The bidirectional flow heat recovery fresh air system is composed of heat recovery host, air supply pipeline, exhaust pipe, air outlet, exhaust outlet and other accessories. When the main engine is running, fresh air is introduced from outside and sent to each room by air duct, and the foul air is discharged from the exhaust fan through the exhaust duct. Exhaust wind through the host and the fresh Air for heat recovery exchange, most of the energy recovery through the fresh air back to the interior.

Central Fresh air function

Ventilation function, to provide people with the necessary to breathe the fresh air, discharged from the polluted air, so that indoor 24 hours to maintain comfortable and smooth. deodorization function, the ventilator can quickly expel various causes of the discomfort of the odor, to create a comfortable environment. Dust removal function, floating in the air in the dust, with many bacteria invisible to the naked eye, so to drive away from the room, the workplace dust, create a comfortable environment. Moisture discharge function, the humidity in the room is not only from the bathroom, the human body and the fuel will also release moisture, and, the building airtight better, easy to appear in the greenhouse, such as condensation and mildew, the bed and the wall is rotten problem, so use the fan often remove indoor moisture, can make the room and people to maintain comfort and health. Adjust room temperature, summer night, with the fan to drive away the heat of the room, the outside cool air to replace, winter heat exchange to reduce indoor temperature loss, improve the winter heating effect.

Through the aboveBrighton International Group LimitedRightCentral Fresh AirThe introduction of the system can be seen that the central fresh air system is to improve the quality of indoor air-conditioning to achieve indoor ventilation effective way, it can reduce energy consumption, protect health, dustproof noise, improve the comfort of life. In developed countries abroad, central fresh air system has become a necessary supporting facilities for housing. The central air is joining our family at a very fast rate. Give us a healthy and clean air.