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Why should the classroom install indoor fresh air system without haze?

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-07

Why should the classroom install indoor fresh air system without haze?

        Indoor Fresh Air Systemis according to in the airtight indoor, uses the special equipment to send the fresh air to the room, uses the outdoor fresh atmosphere to add the machine purification, the thorough circulation renewal indoor because of the living and the life process pollutes the air, in order to maintain the indoor air quality, lets the people in the indoor breath fresh clean air.

Each person exhaled about 15-20 litres of carbon dioxide per hour, a classroom for 45 people, and 675-900 litres of carbon dioxide per hour. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the room is 3.5% when the class is closed for 20-30 minutes.

When the amount of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 3%, the human body breathes deepens, the long-term inhalation concentration reaches 4% carbon dioxide, may appear dizziness, the headache, the tinnitus, the vertigo and so on nerve symptom, simultaneously the blood pressure raises, directly affects the student quality; the higher the concentration, the more serious the body discomfort caused, and even death.

If outdoor weather conditions permit, the classroom should be open window ventilation to reduce carbon dioxide concentration on students. If you encounter winter or haze heavy pollution, wind yarn, flying floc and other weather, we must borrow fresh air system to improve indoor air quality.

China Educational Equipment Association put forward the group standard "fresh air purification system construction Quality acceptance Code", "primary and middle school classroom air quality test Method", "primary and middle school classroom air quality standard" implementation, classroom air quality has the standard.

We all know that haze is a chronic respiratory disease that causes children, but too much carbon dioxide can also affect students ' breathing health. So in the crowd of highly intensive school teachers, kindergartens, hospitals and so on installed in the environmentIndoor Fresh Air Systemis very necessary. Without clean air the body would have problems.