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Home air purifier and indoor fresh wind system

Edit:Brighton International Group LimitedUpDate:2018-03-19

Home air purifier and indoor fresh wind system


Air purifier is a small indoor air purification equipment, purifying the harmful substances in the air and magazines, and indoor fresh air system is in the indoor dirty air out of the outside, but also the outdoor fresh atmosphere into the indoor, is an open circulatory system, 24 hours a day to provide indoor fresh filtered outdoor air, Let people in the room also can breathe fresh, clean, high quality air.

Indoor fresh air system in modern society is a pursuit of high-quality life, is the most effective air pollution solutions.

Indoor Fresh Air SystemAccording to the airflow organization can be divided into: one-way flow central fresh air system, two-way flow central fresh air system, the whole heat exchange Central fresh air system.

Unidirectional flow Central fresh air system

"Forced exhaust, natural wind" system, is dependent on the suction of the host work, the formation of indoor negative pressure, the foul air through the wind duct sent to the outside, in order to balance the negative pressure inside the room, the relatively fresh air from the pre-installed intake into the interior, in order to achieve the purpose of ventilation.

Bidirectional flow Central Fresh air system

The "forced exhaust, forced air supply" system consists of a set of forced air supply system and a set of forced exhaust system. and one-way flow is the difference between the form of air supply from natural to forced to send wind, into the wind hole into the wind more active, fresh air from the air Supply system pipeline into the room, foul air through the exhaust system pipeline concentrated out to the outside, ventilation effect more obvious.

Central fresh air system with full heat exchange

The host added a full heat recovery module, the air in and out through the host in the heat exchanger, preheating and precooling Energy Exchange, in the case of large temperature difference between the exhaust can recover a lot of energy.

Diagram of heat exchange module

The working principle and flow of fresh air system

The fresh air system is an open circulation, composed of fans, air inlet, exhaust port and various pipes and joints. Fan through the pipeline and a series of exhaust vents connected to start the fan, so that the indoor negative pressure, indoor air pollution through the exhaust vent and fan row outside, outdoor fresh air through the inlet into the room.

Outdoor fresh air enters through the inlet.

Air replacement and Purification:

Outdoor fresh air and indoor foul air through high-performance air quality exchangers (heat exchangers), some of the energy in the foul air (the part of the energy in the exhaust system is effectively recovered and stored in the storage device) is passed to the incoming fresh air, and the fresh air is fed into the room after preheating (precooling) and humidity exchange.

The fresh air is transported through the air supply system which is placed in the ceiling through replacement and purification.

The air supply system will be indoor and outdoor into the bedroom, living room space.

Dirty air through the bedrooms, living room space into the ventilation system.

Exhaust: Dirty air from the corridor, the toilet through the vent outlet outside.

Air in the interior of the whole cycle diagram (winter).

Summer mode: After high performance air quality exchanger (heat exchanger) Replacement purify the fresh air into the room.

After reading, I know why can not get air purifier and indoor fresh air system than the price, it is not the same thing ah, expensive is reasonable.